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Out with a bang

Have I mentioned yet how lucky I am to have such amazing bridesmaids? I have been looking forward to the shower they have been planning for months now, and they went over and beyond my expectations ten-fold! They hosted the shower at Chase’s and my new house so that our friends and family were able to see the new casa.  All I had to do was clean up the house and they handled EVERYTHING else.

We had so much fun playing games like “20 Questions about Chase.” Every question I answered wrong I had to add a piece of bubble gum to my mouth. I had 7 pieces by the end of the game, and that was MORE than plenty.

The girls, my mom, and Chase’s mom gave me an amazing gift consisting of candles of every shape and size.  Each candle is to be burned at different life-changing moments in our marriage.  Such an amazingly thoughtful gift.

It was also SO good to see friends I hadn’t seen in awhile! I wish I had more pictures to show some of my favorite people who were there that day — I’m sure more will surface in time.  For now, below are my amazing bridesmaids (sans Sarah who just moved to Florida to start a new job!), and my lovely, gum-stuffed self 🙂

Thank you, girls, for making my last shower go out with a bang!

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