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Last minute DIY projects

There is a point when you have to tell yourself it’s too late to start a new project.  At one week out, I think I’m at that point.  Nevertheless, we were still able to squeeze a few DIY projects in at the last minute.  My date banner was my most procrastinated project by far, but I LOVE how it turned out!  Except to see that banner at the entrance to the reception — I think it will be a great added detail!

The welcome bags for out of town guests was a my sister, Katie’s, project this summer.  She stamped each paper bag with an adorable rose stamp in a sepia tone.  It made for a subtle, vintage effect, which I just can’t get enough of!

My moss letters were a budget saving attempt at accomplishing a look I really wanted to capture.  I loved the idea of hanging our initials over the stacked stone fireplace at our venue, but when I saw the moss initials on Etsy were $200+ for the set I immediately reverted to my DIY mode.  With some foam board ($4) and some live moss from my florist ($20), I was able to create the same look (at a larger scale, might I add) for a fraction of the price!  I’m proud of my penny pinching creation, and I hope it makes a dramatic statement a the wedding!

The award for the most tedious project this wedding season goes to the programs and fans!  Both of these projects began as simple concepts and evolved into multi-step processes.  Chase’s mom, Sheila, was wonderful enough to use her Cricut to make adorable tags for each of the fans that will be at the ceremony.  I can’t wait for you all to see them!  I’m not including a picture so they can be a surprise 🙂

The programs were a labor of love as well.  The multi-page booklet, fastened with Kraft and Japanese Papers and wrapped raphia was a last minute project idea (thanks to my inspiring trip to PaperSource one afternoon).  The project started in my hands — designing and printing, moved on to my mom and her friends — folding paper and unraveling raphia, then ended up back with my mom, Katie, Sheila, and me as we punched holes and assembled.  Whew!  I love how they turned out so, in my opinion, it was well worth it!  I’m hoping to have pictures to post of these soon.

What to expect

Hi all!  We’re so excited that so many of our friends and family will be able to make the trip over to Lake Lanier to share our special day with us.  Being that we are less than 10 days away, I wanted to provide some information on what to expect.

Dress :: Plan on wearing business casual attire.  We want everyone to be comfortable in the late summer warmth, so gentlemen, please feel free to wear slacks / khakis with a dress shirt and tie.  Ladies, a sundress would be appropriate.

Transportation :: Lake Lanier provides a free shuttle service from the Lodge to the Wedding site and vice versa.  If you are staying at the lodge and would rather leave your car there — please take advantage of the shuttle service!

Ceremony :: The ceremony will be at a point off PineIsie, one of the Islands in Lake Lanier Islands Resort.  It will be completely outdoors, weather permitting, and should not last longer than 20-30 minutes.  After the ceremony, guests will enjoy hour d’oeuvres while the wedding party and family get their pictures taken.

Reception :: The reception is under a beautiful, stacked stone pavilion overlooking the lawn where the ceremony took place.  It is a short walk up a hill (the path is paved), but there will be golf carts available to escort guests from the lawn to the point. The reception is scheduled to conclude at 11pm.

Sunday :: All guests staying the night at Lake Lanier are welcome to join us from 10am – 12pm for a continental breakfast in the Grasty Villa (#6).  We’d love to see our friends and family one last time before parting for the weekend! Don’t forget, room check-out is at 12pm.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about the weekend!  The contact page has a form that will send an email directly to us.  We can’t wait to see everybody NEXT WEEKEND!

Out with a bang

Have I mentioned yet how lucky I am to have such amazing bridesmaids? I have been looking forward to the shower they have been planning for months now, and they went over and beyond my expectations ten-fold! They hosted the shower at Chase’s and my new house so that our friends and family were able to see the new casa.  All I had to do was clean up the house and they handled EVERYTHING else.

We had so much fun playing games like “20 Questions about Chase.” Every question I answered wrong I had to add a piece of bubble gum to my mouth. I had 7 pieces by the end of the game, and that was MORE than plenty.

The girls, my mom, and Chase’s mom gave me an amazing gift consisting of candles of every shape and size.  Each candle is to be burned at different life-changing moments in our marriage.  Such an amazingly thoughtful gift.

It was also SO good to see friends I hadn’t seen in awhile! I wish I had more pictures to show some of my favorite people who were there that day — I’m sure more will surface in time.  For now, below are my amazing bridesmaids (sans Sarah who just moved to Florida to start a new job!), and my lovely, gum-stuffed self 🙂

Thank you, girls, for making my last shower go out with a bang!

Let the countdown begin!

Can you believe it? ONE MONTH! I feel as if we’ve been waiting so long for the homestretch to get here, yet I can’t believe how quickly it’s flown by! Chase’s parents took us by the venue on their boat last month. Doesn’t it look great from the water!? Just a few more details to check off the list, and we’ll be there in no time at all!

Speaking of my checklist, here are a few of the remaining projects we need to knock out this month:

  • Chase’s tie: I’m trying to find an ivory tone-on-tone stripped tie. It’s not as easy as it sounds.
  • Banner for welcome table: This is one of those “detail” projects I talked myself into.
  • Weekend itinerary for the wedding party.
  • Welcome baskets for out of town guests.
  • Tags for the fans.
  • Programs (this is the biggie).

We originally weren’t going to do programs, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to have some sort of tribute to Chase’s and my late grandparents, and having a program allowed us to do just that. The programs will also be a great way to include a thank you note to all our friends and family who have had such a huge influence on our lives. Soo…let the programs project begin!

I’m hoping to get a the bulk of the printing and cutting knocked out this week so I can relax a bit and enjoy my bachelorette party this weekend!  More to come on that…maybe 😉